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Australian reaction is telling

2017-04-15T09:38:50+10:003 January 2005|Categories: Anne Henderson's Feature Articles|

"The unique contribution from Australia to relief of those hit by the tsunami disaster says a lot about our consciousness as a nation and of our ties and responsibilities in our region. It says more than any words about our place in the Asia Pacific. Forget the debates about whether Australia is part of the [...]

God isn’t a stranger in the suburbs

2017-04-15T09:38:51+10:0020 December 2004|Categories: Anne Henderson's Feature Articles|

"BELIEVE it or not, God is back in fashion. As Australians get ready for Christmas Day, there is a stoush going on in Sydney about whether Lord Mayor Clover Moore has killed Christmas by saving on decorations and reducing the traditional symbols of Christmas and Christianity. Meanwhile, there is another mini debate raging about the [...]

Government bows to MPs with a show of compassion

2017-04-15T09:38:51+10:0014 July 2004|Categories: Anne Henderson's Feature Articles|

"IT'S FINALLY happened. The Federal Government will now allow some 9500 temporary protection visa holders to apply for permanent residence in Australia. This marks a major softening on asylum-seekers for the Howard Government. A complete reversal of the hard line of 2001 and the Tampa incident. And it hasn't been the largely counterproductive public protests [...]

Women opting for negotiation rather than revolution

2017-04-15T09:38:51+10:008 March 2004|Categories: Anne Henderson's Feature Articles|

"VICTIMISATION fatigue has become widespread. Not least with the affluent voices of the feminist movement. Naomi Wolf's belated revelation that her former Yale tutor Harold Bloom groped her is a case in point. New Statesman editor Christine Odone says Wolf has "trivialised what should have been a serious investigation into Ivy League misogyny", giving victimisation [...]

Back to school for Labor’s poll hopes

2017-04-15T09:38:51+10:0014 November 2003|Categories: Anne Henderson's Feature Articles|

"The latest figures for attendance at non- government (private) schools are just one important illustration of the success of the Howard Government's user-pay policies among Australian families. More than 40 per cent of students now attend non- government high schools in 16 of Sydney's 23 federal electorates. Federally, 84 electorates have more students than average [...]

Our latest bout of Leftist alienation

2017-04-15T09:38:51+10:003 July 2003|Categories: Anne Henderson's Feature Articles|

"AS SIMON CREAN begins his policy blitz, it's middle-class voters in outer metropolitan electorates Labor is once more being told to heed. A huge sea change has overtaken Australia's so-called middle class in the past decade. From acceptance of the new tax system to the rapid growth of private religious schools to the popularity of [...]

ALP’s most successful PM dips out on party praise

2017-04-15T09:38:51+10:005 March 2003|Categories: Anne Henderson's Feature Articles|

"TWO DECADES ago on this day, Bob Hawke, Labor's most successful prime minister, won office. In Victoria and South Australia, voters were mopping up after the devastating Ash Wednesday bushfires that took 75 lives, recession and drought were the order of the day and a defeated Malcolm Fraser accepted the election outcome with tears in [...]

Our wartime paranoia has a long and ignoble history

2017-04-15T09:38:51+10:0013 January 2003|Categories: Anne Henderson's Feature Articles|

"Be alert but not alarmed, the Federal Government's $15 million anti-terror advertising campaign tells us. Some $1.4 billion is being spent on strengthening Australia's counter-terrorist capabilities. A recent Taverner Poll shows about 80 per cent of Australians believe the country is a genuine terrorist target; more than a quarter now suffer fear of attack or [...]

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