Name: Dr John Edwards

Bio: Author of Paul Keating’s Biography The Inside Story,
Chief Economist, HSBC

Remembering John Curtin – 29th March 2005

Writing about Paul Keating – Inside The Inside Story – 6th November 1996

This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.9 No.1 in 1997 (pages 10-17)

Curtin’s Gift

This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.17 No.2 in 2005 (pages 85-92)

Labor’s former prime minister, John Curtin, is much admired – by John Howard and others – due to his role as Australia’s war time leader during the Pacific War. However, in his new book, Curtin’s Gift: Reinterpreting Australia’s Greatest Prime Minister, John Edwards writes that there is much more to John Curtin than war time leader. According to Dr Edwards, “Curtin remade the Australian economy” during the Second World War. John Edwards addressed The Sydney Institute on Tuesday 29 March, 2005.