Name:  Linda Bartolomei

Bio: Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Refugee Research

Refugee Women at Risk – Evaluating a UN Program

This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.17 No.3-4 in 2005 (pages 109-113)

Dr Eileen Pittaway is the Director of the Centre for Refugee Research at the University of New South Wales. Linda Bartolomei is a Senior Research Associate of the Centre. Together, they have researched refugee women at all stages of the refugee journey including the experience of rape and sexual abuse in situations of conflict; refugee children, refugee policy both national and international; and the relationship between the United Nationas and civil society. In their work, they regularly visit refugee women at risk in Kakuma Camp (Kenya) and on the Thai-Burma Border. To describe something of the work they are doing with the United Nations, its achievements and problems, Eileen Pittaway and Linda Bartolomei addressed The Sydney Institute on Tuesday 26 July 2005.