VOLUME 20 Issue 1 (Summer 2008)

  1. The Liberals and the Future BY Kevin Andrews
  2. The Future of the Liberal Party – a Perspective BY Marise Payne
  3. The Liberals and the Future BY Christopher Pyne
  4. Relieving the Burden on Business – Labor’s Deregulation Agenda BY Lindsay Tanner
  5. The Trials and Tribulations of Life in Israel BY Herb Keinon
  6. Reporting the Weather BY Elly Spark
  7. The Weather Report BY David Day
  8. Politics Post the Howard Government BY George Megalogenis
  9. Politics in the Post Howard Era BY Annabel Crabb
  10. Politics: Post the Howard Government BY Arthur Sinodinos
  11. Terrorism: Policing’s New Paradigm BY Mick Keelty
  12. Reflections on a Life in the Economic Fast Lane BY David Morgan
  13. Central Bank Communication BY Glenn Stevens
  14. China Power, Challenges and Foreign Relations BY Harry Gelber
  15. The Iranian Time-bomb BY Michael Ledeen
  16. Meeting the Good, the Great and the Formidable BY Jana Wendt
  17. Chinese ‘Soft Power’ – Cultural Diplomacy and the Confucius Institutes BY Jocelyn Chey
  18. The Australian Dictionary of Biography: A National Asset BY Diane Langmore
  19. The ‘Public’s Right to Know’ versus Privacy BY Norman Lucas
  20. Managing Reputation – an Industry BY Peter Keel
  21. Prospects for Peace and Rumours of War: Religion and Democracy in the Years Ahead BY George Pell