Joe Hockey

Building a New Age of Certainty

2017-05-10T13:14:07+10:0021 November 2012|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

The Hon Joe Hockey is the Member for North Sydney and shadow treasurer. He was first elected to the federal parliament in 1996 and held a number of ministerial portfolios in the Howard Governments, including that of Small Business and Tourism, Financial Services, Regulation, Human Services and Employment, and Workplace Relations. On Thursday 30 August, [...]

In Defence of Opportunity

2017-05-10T17:49:38+10:0027 May 2011|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

Shadow Treasurer The Hon Joe Hockey MP addressed The Sydney Institute on Wednesday 9 March 2011.  His address took up the themes of how government can best promote Australia’s long held principles of liberty, equality and opportunity. The speech forms part of a series of addresses by Joe Hockey on major issues for reform in [...]

In Defence of God

2017-05-12T12:55:08+10:0023 February 2010|Categories: Paper|Tags: , |

The Hon Joe Hockey, Shadow Treasurer and Member for North Sydney, addressed The Sydney Institute on Monday 9 November 2009. Departing from his portfolio responsibilities, Joe Hockey spoke on religion in Australia and the decline in religious belief. Mr Hockey argued that, as a society, we must not allow our “secularity to be a reason [...]

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