Ken Henry

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Name:  Ken Henry Bio: Secretary to the Treasury since April 2001, Minister (Economic and Financial Affairs) in the Australian Delegation to the OECD from July 1992-January 1994 The Task of Economic Policy - 20th June 2005 The Task of Economic Policy This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.17 No.3-4 in 2005 (pages 49-63) Dr Ken [...]

Bob Carr

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Name:  Bob Carr Bio: Former Premier of NSW and Former Minister for Foreign Affairs Author, Diary of a Foreign Minister Spy Fiction : Then and Now - 4th September 2008 A New Agenda for Government - 9th July 2002 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.14 No.3 in 2002 (pages 99-110) Education: Three Years of [...]

Ian Macfarlane

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Name: The Hon Ian Macfarlane MP Bio: Member for Groom, Queensland. Minister for Industry. Do Australian Households Borrow too Much? - 3rd April 2003 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.15 No.1 in 2003 (pages 130-142) Industry in a Global World - 9th October 2002 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.14 No.4 in 2002 [...]

John Howard

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Name: The Hon John Howard AC Bio: Prime Minister of Australia 1996-2007 Lazarus Rising: The Howard Memoirs - 4th November 2010 A New Reconciliation - 11th October 2007 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.19 No.3 in 2007 (pages 105-110) Little Children Are Sacred - 25th June 2007 Australian Foreign Policy - 1st July 2003 This [...]

Greg Combet

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Name: The Hon. Greg Combet MP Bio: Formerly the Minister for Defence Personnel, Materiel and Science and Minister assisting the Minister on Climate Change From Collins to Force 2030 – The Challenge of the Future Submarine - 4th November 2009 The ACTU and Labor - 4th August 2004 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.16 No.3 [...]

Jenny Macklin

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Name: The Hon. Jenny Macklin MP Bio: Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs Topic to be announced - 3rd June 2009 Australian Social policy- Back in business - 21st October 2008 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.14 No.3 in 2008 (pages 79-86) We're All in it Together - 12th June 2002 This speech [...]

Tom Frame

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Name:  Tom Frame Bio: Author of The Life and Death of Harold Holt [Allen & Unwin/National Archives of Australia] Harold Holt: Why He Mattered - 6th September 2005 The Sinking of HMAS Voyager: What Happened? - 14th May 2004 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.16 No.2 in 2004 (pages 99-102) Why Harold Holt Deserves [...]