The World Is Moving On While Australia Stands Still

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The Hon Joel Fitzgibbon is Member for Hunter & Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Resources. After watching his regional seat in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley come very close to a Labor loss, Joel Fitzgibbon has challenged his Labor colleagues to reassess the reasons they lost the 2019 election, raising the issue of Labor's large [...]

Myall Creek Massacre: The Trial That Defined A Nation

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In 1838, eleven convicts and former convicts were put on trial for the brutal murder of 28 Aboriginal men, women and children at Myall Creek in New South Wales. The trial created an enormous amount of controversy because it was almost unknown for Europeans to be charged with the murder of Aborigines. It would become [...]

Tasmania the Turnaround State

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In 2014, The Hon Will Hodgman led his Liberal Party to am historic win in the Tasmanian state elections. On a visit to Sydney, on Wednesday 23 October 2019, the Tasmanian premier addressed The Sydney Institute and outlined how Tasmania is undergoing remarkable economic growth. As he put it:    "For only the fifth time [...]

The Crisis on Campus

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Universities across the Western world are now educating a majority of high school graduates. What are they being taught? How high are standards? Why is freedom of expression under attack on campus? These questions and many more are the focus of a new book, Campus Meltdown The Deepening Crisis in Australian Universities edited by William Coleman. [...]

Housing In Australia – How The Morrison Government Is Backing Australians’ Housing Choices

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Housing has become on of the most pressing issues in Australian politics. The cost of housing, the lack of housing and how to fix the problems. The Hon Michael Sukkar MP became the Minister for Housing and Assistant Treasurer in the newly elected Morrison Government after the 18 May 2019 election. Throwing down the gauntlet, [...]

Religious Freedom – Two Views

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The Coalition government of Scott Morrison has tasked the Australian Law Reform Commission to review current legislation around religious freedom. This was in response to the recommendations put to the government by the findings of the Expert Panel into Religious Freedom in 2018. As debate continued over what the legislation might look like, Labor’s Senator [...]

Israel: Netanyahu, Gant or Other Options

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Ehud Ya’ari is an Israel-based Lafer international fellow of The Washington Institute and author of Toward Israeli-Palestinian Disengagement and Peace by Piece: A Decade of Egyptian Policy and Sinai: The New Front? A Middle East commentator for Israel's Channel Two television and former associate editor of Jerusalem Report, Ehud Yaari has been a Middle East [...]

Billy Hughes at Versailles: The New Evidence

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Australia was represented at the Versailles Peace Conference in 1919 by the Prime Minister, the colourful Billy Hughes, whom Woodrow Wilson called “a pestiferous varmint” after their repeated clashes over Australia’s claims to the Pacific Islands its troops had taken from Germany during the War. Professor Carl Bridge is Head of the Menzies Centre for [...]

Accelerating R&D in NSW

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The Hon Gabrielle Upton MP is Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of New South Wales. On Monday 25 November, Gabrielle Upton addressed The Sydney Institute to outline a new initiative she is leading for the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to accelerate R&D in NSW. ACCELERATING R&D IN NSW GABRIELLE UPTON Key messages: Investment in R&D [...]

A Pope and a Greenie: Why More Power Should Be Given to Locals

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Ninety years ago, Pope Pius XI warned against the problems of taking power away from individual communities when he coined the modern principle of "subsidiarity". The malaise affecting modern, western democracy has much to do with us ignoring his wisdom. This trend has been personified most recently through Bob Brown's sanctimonious convoy to central Queensland. [...]