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Clifton Pugh painted Gough Whitlam's official portrait hanging in Parliament House. Married to Clifton at the time, Judith Pugh was part of the vibe that Whitlam was the great mover and shaker in the Australian Arts world. Since then, Pugh has discovered that in fact Robert Menzies was ahead of Whitlam in his contribution to [...]

Judith Pugh – Robert Menzies and The Arts [Face to face]

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Speaker: Judith Pugh - Author of Unstill Life - Art, Politics and living with Clifton Pugh Topic: The Arts and Robert Menzies Date: Wednesday 13 September 2023 Venue: The Sydney Institute, 47 Phillip Street (between Bent and Bridge St) Sydney 2000 LIGHT REFRESHMENTS Members of The Sydney Institute (& one guest) only PLEASE NOTE: THIS MEETING [...]

Robert Menzies and the Visual Arts

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Australia’s Commonwealth government has been involved in the arts virtually from federation. The visual arts especially attracted government involvement with the 1912 Fisher Government appointment of a Commonwealth Art Advisory Board which grew from strength to strength in the post-war Menzies era.  Contrary to what many historians have assumed, Australia’s long serving Prime Minister Robert [...]

Clifton Pugh: Art and Politics in the 1970s

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Judith Pugh is an art dealer and award winning writer. She writes journalism, essays and poetry (some of which has been set to music by the composer Philip Nunn). Her recent memoir Unstill Life (Allen & Unwin) is about social change and politics in the 1970s and it describes the artworld of the time, in [...]

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