Milton Osborne

Pol Pot Solved the Leprosy Crisis

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Dr Milton Osborne is a former Australian diplomat and author, most recently, of Pol Pot Solved the Leprosy Problem. Milton Osborne’s early experience in Australia’s Phnom Penh embassy shaped the rest of his life, which remains centred on Southeast Asia. From 1959-61, he worked there as a young diplomat. Later as an academic, he continued [...]

How “Progressives” Got The Khmer Rouge So Wrong

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Milton Osborne is a Non-Resident Fellow at the Lowy Institute and the author of ten books on the history and politics of Southeast Asia. His long association with Cambodia began in 1959 when he was posted to the Australian Embassy, Phnom Penh. In 1980 and 1981, Milton Osborne was a consultant to the United Nations [...]

Milton Osborne

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Name:  Milton Osborne Bio: Former diplomat & author specialising in South-East Phnom Penh: Yesterday and Today - 3rd June 2008 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.20 No.3 in 2008 (pages 25-34) Water Politics and the Mekong: China's Dams and Indochina - 22nd August 2000 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.12 No.4 in [...]

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