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Paul Collins and Jennifer Marohasy: Australian Bushfires: A History

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SPEAKER:     PAUL COLLINS (Writer and author of Burn: The epic story of bushfire in Australia) & JENNIFER MAROHASY (Biologist, columnist and blogger on climate) DATE:             Wednesday 5 February 2020 *Book from 22 January 2020** TIME:              5.30 for 6pm     LIGHT REFRESHMENTS  TOPIC:           Australian Bushfires: A History VENUE:          The Sydney Institute, 47 Phillip Street (between [...]

Absolute Power – God, Belief and The Pope

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In 1799, the papacy was at rock bottom: The Papal States had been swept away and Rome seized by the revolutionary French armies. The cardinals were scattered across Europe, and Catholics feared they would be unable to elect the next pope. Even if Catholicism survived, it seemed the papacy was finished. And yet, just over [...]

Absolute Power – God, Belief and The Pope

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Speaker(s): Paul Collins (Historian and author of Absolute Power – How The Pope became the Most Influential Man in The World) & Professor Margaret Somerville (Notre Dame University, Sydney) Date: 29th Aug 2018 Topic: Absolute Power – God, Belief and The Pope Venue: The Sydney Institute, Level 40, Governor Phillip Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney Time: [...]