Liberal Party Women MPs – Where Are They?

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August 2018 marked the 75th anniversary of the first Australian woman to be elected to the House of Representatives - Dame Enid Lyons, who stood for the United Australia Party, the forerunner of the Liberal Party of Australia. In the last three decades, female MPs have become a familiar sight in both houses of the [...]

The Liberal Party’s Women MPs – Where are They? Katherine O’Regan, Peter Van Onselen & Sophie York

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The Liberal Party’s Women MPs – Where are They?

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Speaker(s): Katherine O'Regan (Executive Director, Cities Leadership Institute), Peter Van Onselen (Academic, UWA and Griffith, & Contributing Editor, The Australian) & Sophie York (Lecturer, Public International Law & Legal Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, & Jurisprudence, Sydney University) Date: 31st July 2018 Topic: The Liberal Party’s Women MPs - Where are They? Venue: The Sydney Institute, [...]

My Life As A Political Blogger

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Iain Dale, who founded London’s Politicos bookshop, is one of Britain’s leading political commentators, appearing regularly on TV and radio. Iain Dale is best known for his political blog, Iain Dale’s Diary and football blog, West Ham Till I Die. He is a contributing editor and columnist for GQ Magazine, writes for the Daily Telegraph [...]

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