Tony Abbott

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Name: The Hon. Tony Abbott MP Bio: Member for Warringah. Former Prime Minister of Australia. In Defence of Politics - 5th June 2007 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.19 No.3 in 2007 Medicare's Best Friend - 15th September 2004 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.16 No.4 in 2004 (pages 64-72) Against Roonism - [...]

Alexander Downer

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Name: His Excellency The Honourable Alexander Downer AC Bio: Foreign Minister in the Howard Government and currently Australia's High Commissioner in London. Terrorism: Winning the Battle of Ideas - 1st November 2006 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.19 No.1 in 2007 (pages 98-107) The Spread of Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Weapons - The Sum of [...]

Joyce Harmer

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Name: Major Joyce Harmer Bio: Salvation Army Major, former Court Chaplain at the Sydney Downing Centre and magistrates courts An Angel in the Court - Book Launch This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.17 No.3-4 in 2005 (pages 191-194) For nearly a decade, Major Joyce Harmer and her husband Major Hilton Harmer worked as Court Chaplains [...]

John Hatzistergos

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Name: The Hon John Hatzistergos MLC Bio: N.S.W. Attorney General and Minister for Justice & Minister for Industrial Relations The Wrong Answer to the Wrong Question: The Charter of Rights and Abuses of Overcentralised Power - 22nd June 2009 A Charter of rights or a Charter of Wrongs? - 10th April 2008 This speech was printed in [...]

Andrew Robb

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Name: The Hon Andrew Robb AO MP Bio: Shadow Minister for Finance & Debt Reduction Dealing with Debt and Rebuilding Resilience - 2nd June 2010 Uranium Sales to India: A strategic imperative - 31st March 2008 This speech was printed in Sydney Papers Vol.20 No.2 in 2008 (pages 55-64) Australian Migrant Integration - Past Successes, Future Challenges [...]