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Minority Government in Australia and Canada

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Professor Anne Twomey, from Sydney University Law School, has also worked for the High Court of Australia as a Senior Research Officer, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Research Service as a researcher in the Law and Government Group, the Commonwealth Senate as Secretary to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Committee, and The Cabinet Office of NSW as [...]

Minority government – Canada and Australia

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Jeffrey Simpson, national affairs columnist for Canada’s Globe and Mail, is the recipient of all three leading Canadian literary prizes. Author of six books, Jeffrey Simpson speaks at dozens of major conferences here and abroad on a variety of domestic and international issues and is a regular television contributor. On Thursday 18 November 2010, Jeffrey [...]

Wikileaks – A discussion

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Professor Wendy Bacon is the Director of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism and a well known Australian investigative journalist and non-practising lawyer. Her current research interests include the reporting of humanitarian and environment issues, finding innovative ways to combine investigative journalism with scholarly research and developing e learning projects around simulation games and blogs. [...]

From Migrant to Citizen: Testing Language, Testing Culture

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Professor Martina Möllering is Head of International Studies and Professor Co-ordinator of German Studies at Macquarie University. One of her research interests is the linguistic analysis of Turkish-German identity construction as represented in literature and film. On Tuesday 16 December 2010, Professor Mollering joined Dr Christina Slade to address The Sydney Institute at the launch [...]

Wikileaks – A discussion

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Janet Albrechtsen is a columnist for The Australian and a social and political commentator. From 2005-2010, Janet Albrechtsen was a member of the ABC Board. A conservative, in her chapter for The Liberals and Power Albrechtsen argued that the Liberals have become preoccupied with "dominating the rational low ground", and abandoning the moral high ground [...]

Lessons of Liberty from Republicans Past

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Dr Tony Moore is a Senior Lecturer of Communications and Media Studies at Monash University and the Director of the National Centre for Australian Studies. He is also Director of the National Centre for Australian Studies and author of Death or Liberty: Rebels and Radicals Transported to Australia 1788-1868, (Pier 9, 2010). Tony Moore’s next [...]

Election 2010 and Beyond

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In the aftermath of the 2010 election, George Megalogenis began to analyse what had happened to politics in Australia. Was it a new phase, with minority government and the rise of the Greens and independents? Had the bold reforms of the Hawke, Keating and Howard years given way to powerful lobbies and the media, a [...]

From Migrant to Citizen: Testing Language, Testing Culture

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Christina Slade is Dean of Arts and Social Sciences at City University London. She was Dean of Humanities at Macquarie University from 2003-8 and has taught at a number of Universities including Universiteit Utrecht, as Professor of Media Theory, New York University, La Universidad Ibero Americana and the ITESM, in Mexico City. On Tuesday 16 December [...]

Security in a Dangerous World

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UK Labour’s Rt Hon John Spellar is Shadow Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister and is well known in Australia, having visited many times. He is one of the best informed members of the House of Commons on Australia and its strategic interests. Before the UK 2010 election, John Spellar was a Minister in the Whip's [...]