The Street University- What Is It And How Could It Contribute To Our Next Resource Boom?

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Tony Abbott kept his promise in the 2014 Budget to fund ten Headspace centres across Australia, bringing their total to 100. But a review of the Headspace program, an initiative of the Rudd-Gillard governments, will follow. Matt and Naomi Noffs  are the founders of the Street Universities – taking the Ted Noffs legacy to a [...]

How Australia Goes To War: Some Lessons Of The Vietnam Era

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Dr Peter Edwards is Australia’s Official Historian of Australia’s involvement in Southeast Asian conflicts 1948-75 (Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam) and most recently the author of The Essential History of Australia and the Vietnam War. In response to question about the Vietnam War such as was Australia fighting “other people’s wars”, or was it really “all [...]

The Price Of A Wife – Test Cricketer Arthur Coningham V Catholic Priest Denis O’Haran

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In December 1900, Fr Denis O'Haran, Dean of Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral, became entangled in a bitter divorce dispute. Australian cricketer, Arthur Coningham, accused the priest of having an affair with his wife, Alice, and demanded £5000 compensation for the loss of his conjugal rights. The court cases which followed became elaborate and the news [...]

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