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Kidnapping for Ransom – The Graeme Thorne Tragedy

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When eight-year-old Graeme Thorne was kidnapped on his way to school, in July 1960, Australia was gripped with fear and loathing. Just weeks earlier, Graeme’s parents had won a fortune in the Opera House Lottery and this had attracted the attention of the perpetrator, Stephen Bradley. Mark Tedeschi QC is an Australian barrister, law professor, photographer [...]

Building Life After 70 – Frank Lowy’s Story

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Jill Margo
AM is a columnist with The Australian Financial Review and a biographer and author, most recently of Frank Lowy – A Second Life which is a sequel to her first volume on Frank Lowy’s life. As one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs, Frank Lowy has left a mark on his adopted nation in a [...]

Defending Australia’s National Interests in a Changing World

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Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy is Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and Shadow Minister for Defence. In the Rudd Labor Government, Stephen Conroy was the Minister for Communications. Over decades, Labor and non-Labor in Australia have pursued a bi-partisan approach to Australia’s Defence needs and alliances. Senator Conroy’s hopes for Australia’s future [...]

Tragedy and Scandal – Mrs Mort, Eugenia and the Courts

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Suzanne Falkiner is a publisher and author, most recently, of Eugenia (XOUM 2014) and Mrs Mort's Madness, a forensic study of the story of one of New South Wales’ most intriguing murders. Sydneysiders, in 1920, could hardly have imagined how it was that murder had happened in the sitting room of a bungalow in quiet [...]

1975 – Myths Revisited

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 Professor Anne Twomey is Director of the Constitutional Reform Unit at Sydney University and author of  numerous constitutional law studies especially The Chameleon Crown - The Queen and her Australian Governors She has expert knowledge of the legal story surrounding Sir John Kerr’s actions and what followed. On Monday 9 November 2015, Anne Twomey joined [...]

On the Edges of History

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A graduate of the law schools of the universities of Melbourne and Virginia, Michael Sexton SC, spent some years as an academic lawyer before taking up practice at the NSW Bar. Since 1998 he has been Solicitor General for New South Wales. He writes in his recently published memoir On The Edges of History, "When [...]

“Can Do” – The Campbell Newman Story

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The Hon Campbell Newman is the former premier of Queensland and former Lord Mayor of Brisbane. In 2012, Newman led the newly formed Liberal National Party to a landslide victory in the Queensland state elections. As the very popular former Mayor of Brisbane, Newman took office after winning the swinging seat of Ashgrove. His government [...]