Inside Sydney- A Response

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The Reverend Andrew Sempell is Rector of St James King Street Anglican church in Sydney and a Fellow of St Paul’s College, Sydney University. In 2002, Rev Sempell became Dean of All Saints’ Cathedral, Bathurst and also served as Deputy Commissary to the Bishop of Bathurst. He was a member of the General Synod, (including the [...]

Why Marriage Is Too Risky For Men

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Karen Straughan is a Canadian spokesperson for Men’s Rights who featured prominently in the controversial film The Red Pill. In 2013, Karen created her YouTube channel What Girls Write. She has used the channel to post her views of feminism, calling it a disgrace. On a visit to Australia in June, Karen Straughan addressed The Sydney Institute on [...]

How Victoria Differs from New South Wales and Tasmania – AN Historical Case Study

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Patrick Morgan has published and edited a number of books on topics where history, literature and politics converge. His most recent book is The Vandemonian Trail - Convicts and Bushrangers in Early Victoria. Patrick Morgan has written for the magazine Quadrant over the last half century, and was formerly a council member of the National [...]

Low Wage Growth Risks Australia’s Future Prosperity

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The Hon Tanya Plibersek is Deputy Leader of the Federal Opposition, Shadow Minister for Education & Shadow Minister for Women. With Labor well placed to defeat the Liberal/National Government of Malcolm Turnbull and the question of fairness dogging decisions on tax and government spending, Tanya Plibersek chose to discuss low wage growth as an issue [...]

Ways Forward for Women in the Workplace

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Television journalist and presenter Tracey Spicer was always the good girl. Inspired by Jana Wendt, this bogan from the Brisbane backwaters waded through the “cruel and shallow money trench” of television to land a dream role: national news anchor for a major network. But she found that, for women, TV was less about news and [...]

Pauline Hanson: One Nation & The Politics of Race

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David Marr, journalist, author and political & social commentator, is the author (most recently) of Quarterly Essay’s The White Queen – One Nation and The Politics of Race. As Marr writes, “This woman went to prison, danced the cha-cha on national television for a couple of years, and failed so often at the ballot box [...]

Sydney’s Anglicans

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Rev Canon Dr Bruce Ballantine-Jones OAM is a former member of the Sydney Anglican Synod and the author of Inside Sydney – An insider’s view of the changes and politics in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, 1966-2013. Battles over the ordination of women,  church run schools, ways to retain the faithful and promote a religious and Anglican [...]

E-Cigarettes. Threat Or Opportunity?

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Associate Professor Colin Mendelsohn is a full time Tobacco Treatment Specialist. He is conjoint Associate Professor in the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of New South Wales. He also teaches in the Nicotine Dependence and Smoking Cessation course at the University of Sydney and conducts training for health professionals around [...]

Martin Sharp: Taking On The Establishment

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Martin Sharp's art was as singular as his style. He blurred the boundaries of high art and low with images of Dylan, Hendrix and naked flower children that defined an era. Sharp pursued his quixotic dream to realise van Gogh's Yellow House in Australia. He obsessively championed eccentric singer Tiny Tim and was haunted by Sydney's [...]

Family Ties & Euthanasia- The Modern Dilemma

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Nikki Gemmell is an internationally acclaimed author, most recently of After,  and a columnist with The Australian. She has written of Australia's dry centre and the Antarctic, of sex and family bonds, of life in London and Lake Macquarie north of Sydney. Honesty and openness have been trademarks of Nikki Gemmell’s writing since she wrote [...]

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