Political Choices Matter

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On Monday 17 December 2018, The Hon Mathias Cormann – Australia’s Finance minister – addressed The Sydney Institute. It was the day the Morrison Government had released its Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook report. The report forecast a Budget surplus and predicted a round of tax cuts for wage earners. Mathias Cormann addressed The Sydney [...]

International Relations

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The Hon Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, addressed The Sydney Institute on Saturday 15 December 2018. His speech was a wide ranging and comprehensive review of the government’s approach to foreign relations especially towards the Middle East. In the prime minister’s speech, he also argued the case for recognition of West Jerusalem as the [...]

Growth: Why it Matters

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Grant King is President of the Business Council of Australia. In an address to The Sydney Institute on Monday 10 December 2018. Grant King outlined why good economic growth equals jobs and opportunity, and a healthy economy. In doing this, Grant King also explained the critical importance of economic growth in meeting community expectations and [...]

James Packer and His World

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The Packer family – Sir Frank Packer, Kerry Packer and James Packer – has dominated Australia’s media and gaming world for decades. In 2019, James Packer opened up about life with his family. Damon Kitney was given exclusive access by James to tell the story. Damon Kitney is the author of The Price of Fortune, The [...]

Enid Lyons: Her Life and Times

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To mark the 75th anniversary of Dame Enid Lyons’s maiden speech in the House of Representatives in September 1943, the Menzies Research Centre produced an anniversary edition of Anne Henderson’s Enid Lyons – Leading Lady to a Nation (Connor Court Publishers) At The Sydney Institute, on Monday 24 September 2018, Anne Henderson, Deputy Director of [...]

Ending the Culture Wars

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Across the Western world, nations are dividing along sharply separated lines around identity and individual belief structures. Some columnists write that traditional institutions are under threat as cynicism and disruptive action around campuses and in social media have taken hold. Individuals are attacked for what till now have been accepted community values as issues such as gay marriage, transgender identity, Donald [...]

The Art of Counter-Terrorism

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Professor Boaz Ganor is Dean & Ronald Lauder Chair for Counter-Terrorism, Lauder School of Government; Founder & Executive Director, International Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Israel. On a visit to Australia in, Boaz Ganor addressed The Sydney Institute on Monday 29 October 2018 and gave a comprehensive analysis of the complexities of terrorist activity and the work [...]

Why I Am No Longer A Feminist

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Bettina Arndt completed a Master of Clinical Psychology before becoming well known as one of Australia's first sex therapists. She is also a commentator and author, most recently of #MenToo. Bettina Arndt argues that most women are fed up with trivial issues being blown up as sexism. In Australia, as elsewhere, people are turning away from [...]

Australia’s Part in Man’s First Walk on The Moon

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Many still remain unaware of the significant role played by Honeysuckle Creek, near Canberra, in the telecast of man’s first steps on the moon. The NSW town of Parkes has received most attention because its dish beamed remaining images of Neil Armstrong's moonwalk to the world, or greater part of it. But it was Honeysuckle [...]

John Russell: And the Importance of the Australian Arts Documentary

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He grew up in Sydney's Darlinghurst, but Australian John Russell was to become one of the most influential impressionist painters in 19th-century France. He was friends with Rodin, painted with Monet, mentored Matisse and studied with Toulouse Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh, who also became a close friend. Catherine Hunter has had a long career covering [...]

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