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NOT ALWAYS DIPLOMATIC – AN AUSTRALIAN WOMAN’S JOURNEY THROUGH INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS By Sue Boyd UWA Publishing 2020 ISBN: 978-1-76080-149-6 RRP: $29.99 (PB) Reviewed By Anne Henderson Sue Boyd’s memoir begins with a meeting she had with Prime Minister Gough Whitlam after returning from her first overseas posting as an Australian diplomat in Portugal where the [...]

All balance lost in the crucible of a witch trial

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he past week has witnessed a modern-day remake of Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible with a baying mob, led by sections of the media, condemning Attorney-General Christian Porter as guilty of historical sexual assault without a trial and hoping for a political execution. It’s not a pleasant sight but one that is becoming all too [...]

Budget’s pandemic spending is the right thing to do

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Despite the prevalence of the cliche “history repeats itself” — it rarely, if ever, does so. World War II was different from its predecessor. The Depression of 1929-31 was dissimilar from that of four decades earlier. And the Spanish flu of 1919-20 can be distinguished from the COVID-19 pandemic a century later. The same can be [...]

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