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Bruce Pascoe’s book, Dark Emu was published in March 2014. Praised by leftist revisionist historians it won awards and became part of education in schools about Indigenous Australian first peoples. The fundamental thesis of the book is that Indigenous Australians were not hunter gatherers at all but had a developed an agrarian economy along the lines of [...]

Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe and the Hunter/Gatherer Controversy – Geoffrey Blainey & Warren Mundine

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Register for the Zoom talk. Bookings open to Members only. The link will be sent out the day of the event. Speakers: Geoffrey Blainey Warren Mundine Date: Tuesday 26 October 2021 5pm Dark Emu, Bruce Pascoe and the Hunter/Gatherer Controversy Australian Eastern Standard Time NOTE THAT THIS MEETING IS FOR MEMBERS OF THE SYDNEY INSTITUTE [...]

A Life Writ Large

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Now in his late-eighties, and listed by the National Trust as a “Living Treasure”, Geoffrey Blainey has now published the first volume of his memoires - Before I Forget.  In it, he reflects on his humble beginnings as the son of a Methodist Minister and school teacher, one of five children, and a carefree childhood spent [...]

A Life Writ Large – Geoffrey Blainey Remembers

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SPEAKER:      PROFESSOR GEOFFREY BLAINEY (Australia’s most significant & popular historian & Author (most recently) of Before I Forget) TIME:             5.30 for 6pm LIGHT REFRESHMENTS  ***MEMBERS & ONE GUEST ONLY*** DATE:             Wednesday 31 July 2019 *Book from 17 July 2019** TOPIC:           A Life Writ Large – Geoffrey Blainey Remembers VENUE:          The Sydney Institute, Level 40, Governor [...]

The Rise And Fall Of Ancient Australia

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The long Aboriginal occupation of Australia witnessed spectacular changes. The rising of the seas isolated the continent and preserved a nomadic way of life as agriculture revolutionised other parts of the world. Over millennia, the Aboriginal people mastered the land's climates, seasons and reserves. Traditional Aboriginal life came under threat the moment Europeans crossed the [...]

Melbourne Launch Of Menzies at War – Concluding Remarks

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On Friday 18 July 2014, The Sydney Institute held a Melbourne launch of Anne Henderson’s Menzies at War. The function was hosted by law firm Arnold Bloch Liebler and the speakers were introduced by Mark Liebler AC. The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister launched the book and Professor Geoffrey Blainey [...]

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